Terms & Condition

Kindly fallow the Terms & Conditions, applicable to all the students.

1. Laundry available to the student once in a week, Pick Up and Delivery day and time will be informed by mail after you registered and cast a notice on hostel notice boards also this data available at www.vanga.co.in.

2. Laundry fee for Boys Rs. 6000/- rupees and for girls Rs.7000/- rupees for one year and for 16 pieces per week, which includes only one bed sheet and one towel.

3. For hygienic reasons we do not accept undergarments, handkerchiefs, hand towels, socks and blood stain garments. Beyond 16 pieces is strictly not allowed, beyond bundle service 16 pieces discuss with Laundry staff.

4. Acceptance of the clothes at the hostel is subjected to final inspection at the workshop. Do not give any wet clothes, which will damage your rest of the clothes if we bind them in air tight bag.

5. University Laundry is not responsible for any damage, shrinkage, loss of color etc, due to inherent defect in the cloth. University Laundry Service is not responsible for clothing before pickup or after delivery.

6. In case of loss/damage of clothes University Laundry will compensate. Whatever be the original value of the garment but the compensation will be T-Shirt/Shorts/Tracks/Bottoms: 300/-; Top/Shirts/Pants: 400/-; Jeans 500/- or University Laundry will replace with a new replica garment from any available supplier with University Laundry.

7. Although we ensure a 72hr delivery of your laundry from the pickup time, due to accidental circumstances we keep a one day buffer from the delivery day. University Laundry will not responsible for any delay in delivery on account of labor problems, adverse weather conditions etc. **First month students may face delay in service due to data allocation and adapting the new system.

8. University Laundry Bundled service doesn’t include the articles with embroidery work with zari, color threads, plastic beads, metal objects, starch items, designer articles, over died articles and torn articles etc. We always advised to give such kind of articles for special individual wash or dry cleaning. Extra Charges applicable for dry cleaning or special wash. Please check the current prices with Laundry Staff.

9. Kindly check pockets before giving for cleaning. While University Laundry makes every attempt to detect and remove foreign objects from pockets or compartments, Objects found are returned no matter what the value. University Laundry does not guarantee its success in doing so. Furthermore University Laundry is not responsible for damage to clothing or to the foreign object resulting from our process.

10. Kindly avoid the sharing of Laundry service, it meant for only one student. If anybody found guilty their service will be terminated without any refund.

11. Kindly fallow the laundry schedule (Both Pick up & Delivery) missing the laundry schedule is not entertained. If some student can’t make it to laundry schedule kindly inform your roommate or friend to take care of your laundry with any of your ID card (college or hostel or mess). *** Laundry schedule will inform you before starting the service and any changes during the service will be informed by email or cast a notice on notice board of the hostel.

12. University Laundry is not responsible for all the unattended clothes/bundles beyond two weeks.

13. Registrants are responsible for the accuracy of account information on file, including but not limited to student’s current mobile and email, permanent phone and email and permanent home address. University Laundry is not responsible for missed notifications or service announcements from invalid contact information.

14. Your Laundry service will start by semester start up day and closed by last day of the semester, all the university and governments holidays applicable to laundry too.

15. Call us on 044 2740 3231 or 044 2745 2134 or +91-95516 94731. All the Laundry communication will be available between Mon - Sat 9am to 7pm. Argument or Discussion with pick up or delivery boys/girls is strictly prohibited and of no use, kindly reach the supervisor or manager for clarifications.


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